After three weeks of just listening to the ocean, we came back to Luxembourg.

And did an improvisation performance. Rays of people’s attention

came into my kinesphere and melted nicely in-between. I was searching for the holes and there were many.

Afterwards,  I thought about the timing to be entwined with the universe, how to wait so that it comes along.

The trust.




The last shooting session of “metamorphosis” has just finished. It’s been a refreshing experience with a lot of beautiful deceptions. From my part, I thought a lot about how to free myself from preconception, from preparation and from rehearsals and let the metamorphosis take its course…



Thinking about the next shooting of our video and hybrid media project “metamorphosis.”

I’ve been always fascinated by a shoe, which is left alone in the middle of the street. what happened to that person who was wearing it? a cast-off skin, a remain of evaporation…

I try to insert my foot into it, the body starts to reflect the paysage. An Oiran with amnesia.


I was dwelling again on “a form” we want to hold on to…
Anyway somehow everything can be put on the same table in a contemporary context these days.
But those forms which have been practiced for so many years are not necessary the one which stubbornly kept its form, but has been changed through one person to another, from day to day, so it can be the one which could accommodate and embrace changes. It can be an expert of change and metamorphosis.


It’s been a year since the last post. The boost programme has ended and the baby was born!!! a precious girl!

It was already happening in the boost programme but the birth of the baby kind of majorly consolidated it. 

Somehow I’ve been learning how to enjoy, relax, listen and catch the moment when something enters to and be ready for expansion when that happens.

After the baby girl, Aya, came to the world, we have been making a videodance on metamorphosis in forest in Bruxelles, performing under orange trees in Mallorca, creating a site-specific piece with Yumiko Yoshioka in Huaca (Inca-period building, in Lima etc. 

A thought after Huaca experiece (the most recent one), it was really beautiful feeling to dance in this special architecture, my dance formed itself by something similar to tracing time, spiral breathing space which expands inside. And also a question came; why do we want to conserve forms, (constructions and memories) why are we sometimes afraid of losing them?

A changing is to get connected to the other thing by molecule-d materials, like those grain of clay in the Huaca?


Looking back , CLASH, Torino.




I haven’t got around to write about the last phase of project “Clash” in Torino in June 2013, which was the last residency of my fully-packed Boost Programme.

so now I try to pull out something from my memory.

The mid- June was a summer breakout after a looooooooong winter, it had a nice expansive feeling, a lot of sitting out in the gardens and parks. (For Stephan, it turned into a mosquito-attack “I hate nature” became his phrase. he put the story of the mosiquitos in the performance as well.) Daniele and his boyfriend Luca showed us the city nicely. We had a good time.

The work was more and more under the pressure of the performance, it had already been like that since the phase in Luxembourg after Munich. We could feel that we were limited and also limiting ourselves from exploring our meeting  in depth and expansion, trapped by the idea that we have to perform in front of an audience and we have to make some kind of finished product and a good one… It was great to have the coach Christiane again, this time the last days of the residency. She supported us mentally and helped us to improve our things.

We performed two nights, one in Mosaicodanza a small studio space and one in checki point in the courtyard in the city. both were really nice.

However, I still don’t find a suitable ground how to deal with this dilemma of exploration and research and at the same time an obligation of showing the outcome.  sometimes the pressure from the institute (or pressure i put on myself) is too heavy I have to spend time just forcing to create another piece rather than spending time on researching and exploring. In the case of Clash, it was beautiful to have met and worked and spent time together with Daniele and Stephan and Christiane, but it was a pity that we spent a lot of energy building up a piece and not exploring our meeting so much. (we each have a very original ways and talents, if we could spend time more in sharing that…)

I left Torino with nice memories but also the feeling that something is still left to be done… maybe the Clash can continue and we have a chance to accomplish what is left to be done, or maybe we will continue this quest individually and finding the way in our individual pathways.






Winter Worm- Summer Grass


In the end May, in the Danz Festival Lëtzebuerg, we presented a new solo piece “Winter Worm – Summer Grass”, which is some kind of summery of the experiences through this one year boost programme. The music is by Tomás Tello and the light is designed by Brice Durand.

Below is my text for the evening programme:


The piece is a collection of choreographic poems to revist the experience of one year TROIS C-L Boost programme 2012/2013, which consisits of creative research residencies in various places and in various seasons.

The title, “Winter worm- Summer grass”, comes from Japanese name  for “Cordyceps Sinensis”(Fuyumushi-Natsukusa). It is a fungus which parasitizes a lavae of moth in the earth during winter and slowly eats away the lavae from inside. When the summer comes it grows out of the lavae hence the earth. The lavae dies mummified and the grass’s root leaves a shape of the lavae.

The piece is a collage of short and light-hearted poem-like dances from four different seasons – some impressions from my dances performed in different residencies. The poem explores a process of an ephemeral incident materialising and eventually growing into something else in each season (as in Cordyceps Sinensis).

It is an attempt to witness and appreciate how the dance in primal form emerges and keeps on metamorphosing through different encounters.

Unexpectedly, something visits my body.

It is vaguely nostalgic… and  I will never be able to hold it again.

Wave my arms into to the sky.

welcome properly.

and stare together what it might become…


I enjoyed dancing with the 7th month pregnant belly, going through the haecceity of four seasons, welcoming the movement and tasting how it changes…

Cathy told me that it was like looking at the moon, you could watch it forever forgetting time. I was really moved by the comment!