28th May 2012

After a nice weekend in Bucharest we gradually get ready for the showing of the work in progress due on Wednesday.


A short text about our work:

garden – a borrowed landscape

We came to the residency at the George Apostu Cultural Centre with expectation to explore the performance in its primitive form. A place, a dancer, a musician, what is to be unfolded? It is a journey to explore where dance and music performance that causes mutual sympathetic communication can be materialized.

Throughout one month residency here we have encountered with various places and people that have nurtured our everyday practices and performances. The sounds of the frogs, the fragrance of the Acacias, the sunny day in Piatra Neamt with Eugen, Anca and her family , the everyday life at the George Apostu,  the encounter with Fanfara Shukar in Zece Prajini,our visit to Bucarest and  the cherry picking with Mircea are some of the numerous moments that will stay resonating with us. These enriching experiences  have shown us possible pathways to be explored in the future. 

The work in progress is somehow one of the sketches of this lived journey. The journey to be there – to exist there – in the connection between fleeting instances of everyday life . A performance might be a medium where things and people intersect and meet. To dance, and to play is somebody else’s affaire. Hence a borrowed landscape.

Our performance has two parts which were created simultaneously and are a reflection of each other . The first is a dance and music piece and the second is a music improvisation concert.

We would like to thank everyone and everything that came across during our month in Bacau.





22nd May 2012

Our friend Patrick, photographer from Luxembourg, is staying with Fanfara Shukar in their village, Zece Prajini, and invited us to visit them for their rehearsal.

We left very early to catch the train, around 2 hours trip. The regional train from Roman travels in a cat speed between green hills and fields – a rural time trip out of the town Bacau. Patrick welcomed us  together with kids from the village at the station. A happy meeting.  We walked with velvety quietude hills on both sides until Zece Prajini. A smily villager accompany us, caluca leisurely passing by. Patrick seems to know everyone in the village, he is already a local. We were welcomed in the Fanfara’s members’ (Dydik’s)house. We got served coffee and snacks, relaxed in their house, went to the village cafe to relax more and then we came back to get served lunch… Patrick said it’s been like this all this time: eat, relax, smoke, eat, relax, waiting for the band rehearsal which can be happening any moment  but never…. The time flows creating oasis settling itself down in it. We were happily stuck there.

But around 3 pm finally! the rest of the band members arrived . 11 guys gathered in a garden and casually started to rehearse with ducks dancing around, kids attentively listening, wives coming and going. They looked really relaxed and played super good.  I envy that kind of entrance. So relaxed, casual and magic. Amazing hours had passed until the thunder and the rain started, and then rehearsal was over. It was time for us to say good bye. We wished if we could stay longer.

One of the members gave us a ride to Roman, and we head back to Bacau with smiles on our faces.

21st May 2012

After super stormy weekend, the sun shined again.  A drastic change of air.

We went to perform next to the river again. There was nobody around, this time. Mari was with us taking photos. The begining of the improvisation was a bit clumsy, I was trying to synthesize with the waves of the mountains, but the mountain did not really need me, I guess. Then I started carrying the mountains on my back or rather the mountains came to rest on my back, the dance slowly began to unfold it self. A very hot noon, sweat and breeze.

I wanted to use a bicycle for a performance, Eugen brought me a fantastic bike! The wheel was broken, he went to get a new one and fixed it for me. so kind.

Before dinner we picked cherries. The red cherries galore in the garden.

16th May 2012

Today started with the workshop at the dance high school at 8:30 in the morning (early!).

They are teenagers, who mainly studies classical ballet and popular dance. I did a lot of exercise on the floor, which I regard it very important in my way of dance and thought it would be nice to offer something different than what they usually do, as a strange visitor.

They are really motivated and curious ones although it might not be so easy for them to get into the exercise they went for it and we had a good time.

At the end, Tomás demonstrated his intriguing instruments. Kids were excited to try them out!

In the late afternoon we go to the riverside again. The water level has drastically reduced compared to last week. The river and the shore changed the face.  Spring brings change everyday things are not taken for granted. I heard that after Acacia there awaits Elder flower.

15th May 2012

This morning I found in the kitchen a big delicious loaf of bread. It was Anka’s present, she baked it last night.

Anca has been feeding us delicious things, all home-made and home-harvested; eggs from her chicken, beautiful various teas she made by picking flowers and drying them, wine her family made at home, michi (Romanian grilled pork dish), tomato sauce, pickled tomatoes, cherry jam, on and on… ultimate Bio!

A bite into the tasty consistence of the bread took me violently back to my parents’, where I feel connected in various dimensions.

The bite feels very real. The bubbles embedded inside the piece of bread pops cheerfully, giving colourful energy and memories of earth, story of grain, a farmer, Anka’s hand and so forth. It connects immediately my body to this place and to the other lives. And it connects my mind to my cell at the end of my body.

I felt this kind of experience might change my dance in Bacau.  I kind of understand those artists, who set up their base in the coutryside where they farm and lead self-sufficient lives. It might not be just out of eremitic and physical-mental training purpose. It may be more about connection.

So that was my small happy enlightened moment of the day in the kitchen!

In the improvisation in the afternoon, I danced again with Acacia flowers. Tomás and me played really nice, we were getting somewhere. Mari taking a lot of photos for us.

14th May 2012

I wanted to keep on dancing with Acacia, but Anka told me the flowers will go soon. I felt sad for a while.

Something which changes, which gets forgotten and comes back again someday as a new.

Maybe dancing with the memories of the flower.


11th May 2012

Dancing outdoor and indoor.

Outdoor: Under the weeping willow tree, half human and half wind. Half ghost and half amnesia. Moving like a air. Three frogs watch me vigilantly…


Indoor on the dance carpet: With a small paddle of Acaccia flowers. Some kind of abstraction. Maybe some mimic of Karesansui(Japanese dry rock garden) but with moist fragrant flowers.

In a flower pillow, an insect woman, shedding away the petal scales and leaving.   


In the late afternoon, we went to see a rehearsal of the Popular Dance and Music troop. They are professional group from Bacau, who tours internationally regularly. They did this rehearsal especially for us.

It was really energetic and uplifting with complicated rhythms and steps! I was so into  filming their feet, and before I could really absorb what was going on, the rehearsal finished… so I go back there again on Monday!