6th May 2012, Bacau

Sunday, the day-off!

Anka, who works in the graphic and publication department of the Cultural Centre, and her boyfriend Eugine, photographer and film director, took us to a Sunday trip to amazing sites around Piatra Neamts http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piatra_Neam%C8%9B.

We left the house 7am and came back 10pm! A looooong day packed with precious encounters and sceneries.

Above everything, getting to know Anka and Eugine was great! I felt landed in this place.

The trip started with the fleemarket in Piatra Neamts and continued on with a mass in an old pretty orthodox church, the top of the mountain with fantastic view over lakes and mountains, visitng the heartfull-full extra warm happy Anka’s uncle and aunt in the middle of the hill, a drive through the carpathian mountains, impressive Bicaz canyon  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bicaz_Canyon and the Red Lake, and finally ended in a scerenity of a monastery in the mountains. On the way back a huge orange-pink full moon showing us the way…

Thank you for the amazing trip, Anka and Eugen!






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