9th May 2012, Bacau

The morning started with a visit to a dance class at the art high school. The basic training is the classical ballet, which is very technical. They showed us some romanian popular dance sequence as well. They were really nice kids, very dedicated to the training. It was surprising to see a lot of boys in a ballet class (almost half of the group), because, in a dance school or dance classes I attended, usually the male students were the minority or often none-exsitant. We have arranged that me and Tomás will give a class next Wednesday to the same kids. It will be nice, since what we will do will be something quite different than what they usually do, and they seemed to be really open.

In the afternoon, we performed outdoors. The frist one was the small square stage by the river, which is often a lovers’ meeting point, ghoats pass their everyday too with a lazy looking sheperd.

When we got there there was, as we should have guessed, a couple in a romantic moment. We hesitated a bit to diturb their precious moment but we went ahead, in the end they were watching attentively and their friend came as well etc. so it turned out well. There was an old man, kept on asking me in gestures “what on earth are you doing???” “What happened to you???” while I was dancing, which was funny. In the end he showed his thumbs up, he was happy.

The next place was by the lake in the garden of the cultural centre. There is a rusty stage, i was told not to move too much on it, otherwise dangerous. And the third one was a space with three trees and a stone scuplture also in the garden.

What is it to dance the place and not merely dance in the place?

Everywhere Acacia flowers are in full bloom, a sweet fragrance floats leisurely in the air. The flower is sweet delicious too! Larissa made a gorgeous pancake with whole the flower inside.

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