11th May 2012

Dancing outdoor and indoor.

Outdoor: Under the weeping willow tree, half human and half wind. Half ghost and half amnesia. Moving like a air. Three frogs watch me vigilantly…


Indoor on the dance carpet: With a small paddle of Acaccia flowers. Some kind of abstraction. Maybe some mimic of Karesansui(Japanese dry rock garden) but with moist fragrant flowers.

In a flower pillow, an insect woman, shedding away the petal scales and leaving.   


In the late afternoon, we went to see a rehearsal of the Popular Dance and Music troop. They are professional group from Bacau, who tours internationally regularly. They did this rehearsal especially for us.

It was really energetic and uplifting with complicated rhythms and steps! I was so into  filming their feet, and before I could really absorb what was going on, the rehearsal finished… so I go back there again on Monday! 

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