15th May 2012

This morning I found in the kitchen a big delicious loaf of bread. It was Anka’s present, she baked it last night.

Anca has been feeding us delicious things, all home-made and home-harvested; eggs from her chicken, beautiful various teas she made by picking flowers and drying them, wine her family made at home, michi (Romanian grilled pork dish), tomato sauce, pickled tomatoes, cherry jam, on and on… ultimate Bio!

A bite into the tasty consistence of the bread took me violently back to my parents’, where I feel connected in various dimensions.

The bite feels very real. The bubbles embedded inside the piece of bread pops cheerfully, giving colourful energy and memories of earth, story of grain, a farmer, Anka’s hand and so forth. It connects immediately my body to this place and to the other lives. And it connects my mind to my cell at the end of my body.

I felt this kind of experience might change my dance in Bacau.  I kind of understand those artists, who set up their base in the coutryside where they farm and lead self-sufficient lives. It might not be just out of eremitic and physical-mental training purpose. It may be more about connection.

So that was my small happy enlightened moment of the day in the kitchen!

In the improvisation in the afternoon, I danced again with Acacia flowers. Tomás and me played really nice, we were getting somewhere. Mari taking a lot of photos for us.

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