22nd May 2012

Our friend Patrick, photographer from Luxembourg, is staying with Fanfara Shukar in their village, Zece Prajini, and invited us to visit them for their rehearsal.

We left very early to catch the train, around 2 hours trip. The regional train from Roman travels in a cat speed between green hills and fields – a rural time trip out of the town Bacau. Patrick welcomed us  together with kids from the village at the station. A happy meeting.  We walked with velvety quietude hills on both sides until Zece Prajini. A smily villager accompany us, caluca leisurely passing by. Patrick seems to know everyone in the village, he is already a local. We were welcomed in the Fanfara’s members’ (Dydik’s)house. We got served coffee and snacks, relaxed in their house, went to the village cafe to relax more and then we came back to get served lunch… Patrick said it’s been like this all this time: eat, relax, smoke, eat, relax, waiting for the band rehearsal which can be happening any moment  but never…. The time flows creating oasis settling itself down in it. We were happily stuck there.

But around 3 pm finally! the rest of the band members arrived . 11 guys gathered in a garden and casually started to rehearse with ducks dancing around, kids attentively listening, wives coming and going. They looked really relaxed and played super good.  I envy that kind of entrance. So relaxed, casual and magic. Amazing hours had passed until the thunder and the rain started, and then rehearsal was over. It was time for us to say good bye. We wished if we could stay longer.

One of the members gave us a ride to Roman, and we head back to Bacau with smiles on our faces.

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