28th May 2012

After a nice weekend in Bucharest we gradually get ready for the showing of the work in progress due on Wednesday.


A short text about our work:

garden – a borrowed landscape

We came to the residency at the George Apostu Cultural Centre with expectation to explore the performance in its primitive form. A place, a dancer, a musician, what is to be unfolded? It is a journey to explore where dance and music performance that causes mutual sympathetic communication can be materialized.

Throughout one month residency here we have encountered with various places and people that have nurtured our everyday practices and performances. The sounds of the frogs, the fragrance of the Acacias, the sunny day in Piatra Neamt with Eugen, Anca and her family , the everyday life at the George Apostu,  the encounter with Fanfara Shukar in Zece Prajini,our visit to Bucarest and  the cherry picking with Mircea are some of the numerous moments that will stay resonating with us. These enriching experiences  have shown us possible pathways to be explored in the future. 

The work in progress is somehow one of the sketches of this lived journey. The journey to be there – to exist there – in the connection between fleeting instances of everyday life . A performance might be a medium where things and people intersect and meet. To dance, and to play is somebody else’s affaire. Hence a borrowed landscape.

Our performance has two parts which were created simultaneously and are a reflection of each other . The first is a dance and music piece and the second is a music improvisation concert.

We would like to thank everyone and everything that came across during our month in Bacau.




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