8th June 2012, after.

It’s been one week after the Bacau residency. The experience is still fresh and raw, resonating loud inside me and it feels that  it needs time to be digested. But maybe it’s good to verbalize some thoughts, already.

My aim throughout the boost programme residency is to explore the place where “a dance”, which causes mutual sympathetic communication is materialized. A place here can be defined in a larger sense – It can be a physical space,  a mental sphere, condition, music and sound, a body, body weather,  the onlookers’ projections and universes,  an occasion and so forth.

In each day practice, in each day encounters, above all things, what I am consciously beginning to learn is to let things happen, to relax and observe “the place” and move it with dance. guiding and being guided at the same time.

The showing in the end was a kind of offering bouquet which came out of the experience. It was nothing extraordinary but was a honest work to recapture a dance and music in its primitive sense. So we were content.

One thing which started allure me so much during this residency is a way of casually sliding into a performance or a practice. Maybe I had it before but now my way feels more static since how I work now is often based on a project (one after another) with designated studio rehearsals. I daydream the state of always ready to start, relaxed and attentive, some kind of an insect-human…

So, a journey continues…

I thank again! everyone and every place we’ve met during this residency and for this opportunity.