24th August 2012

my last day in Rio, leaving in the afternoon. Santi, Orin, Daniele and me made a morning trip to corcovado to the famous el Cristo.

Amazing view. Daniele said that it is a nice way to say good-bye to the city. Very True.

I am really grateful for this residency and I hope to see the people I met here again, and to visit this city again.

One thing is already concrete –  that Daniele and me and one artist from Munich will be working on Exchange project between Torino, Munich and Luxembourg. Looking forward to it!!!!!


23rd August 2012

It is the first day of the dance fesitval. Many performances outdoors and also in the theatre. There were some really good performances!

22nd August 2012

Paulo Emilio Azevedo from Rio de Janeiro lectures about dance in urban space. and Damian Munoz and Virginia Garcias from Barcelona give improvisation workshop starting with the images of nightmare.

In the afternoon, to round up the whole residency we do a whole group improvisation like we did on the first day. It was really beautiful, there were a lot of listening to each other, cherishing the meetings, enjoying together. The last dance. I feel really lucky to be in this group, in this residency.

In the evening I go to Copacabana and Ipanema with Joao, Santi, Shane, Daniele and Orin. We end up dancing in a small beach party, which was fun!

21st August 2012

The morning is a practical session of media and dance by Marcus Morares. In a small groups we make a dance photos considering:

experimenting different compositions – Symmetry / a-symmetry

– Depth of field

– figure + ground

– proportion

– visual elements- lines, textures, colours etc.

When I actually went on to shooting photos, I completely forgot the former points, just got immersed in fun of taking photos… and here are some I took.

In the afternoon, followed by a short ballet (!) class, we have a session with Teresa Taquechel and her dance company who involves people with and without wheelchairs. They show a extract of their choreographic work in progress, and we learn the element from them to improvise. I learn a movement of a physically disabled female dancer. It consists of intense movement with contraction of so many muscles even for one rolling. I discover new thing and lacking piece in my hollow of body. I enjoy the improvisation, often a limitation makes me free spirited and clear in my dance.


20th August 2012

Relaxing on the beach…

The artistic director of the festival and the residency,Ms. Giselle Tapias, heard our desperate voice to have at least one day at the beach. According to the schedule, we work everyday from 9am-5pm and no time for the beach! and we are in Rio de Janeiro. So she organised to have two lectures on 21st and 20th whole day at the sea for us.

They took us to a little more remote beach with beautiful greens and mountain cliffs. we just keep on saying “paradise….” and “paradise…”

19th August 2012

The day before, we heard that the lecture of today had been hospitalized with a serious heart condition and it was not certain that he would be able to make it. And there he was, Luiz Mendonça, with his beautiful energy, despite his condition he came to meet us. His passion and love towards performance allures us and captures us immediately. How important and how precious to meet a beautiful person who brings you back to where you started and assert what you do and make you fall in love with performing again.

I worked in a group with Daniele, Orin, Shane and Christian. Shane gave us Bharatanatyam arm gestures which says “In this place, we come together.” We start dancing different individually and we end with this time capturing arm movement accompanied by Christian’s singing. It was beautiful.

In the afternoon, we tried to do a whole group improvisation again, but didn’t really work. So the session switched to solo performances – some kind of a personal gift to the group. It was great to see the solos, every each of them really sparkles in their own dance, which is difficult to see when we just improvise in a group. I didn’t do my solo, I felt like the puzzled state when I want to give a gift but don’t know what to give…

In the evening, I meet up with musician, Pane Tone, from Tomás connection. He is a very good musician and constructs his own instruments. He just devised music installation for the big ballet company in Sao Paulo. He told me Brazil is boosting in cultural scenes at the moment. With his guidance, I buy cuica, brazilian instrument, in the Copacabana market. very happy.

18th August 2012

The day starts with a session with choreographer/Theatre director Regina Miranda. The theme is what and how to communicate by exploring enclosure and mobility and also the bridge between to be crossed. After the discussion we do an exercise including the points:

  1. Personal Boundary
  2. Discover Spatial territory
  3. Movements and words to assert your territory
  4. How can you reach someone, how far you can go without losing the connection

The questions arise : Do you want to assert your space? or you don’t want to? What space? geographical or gestural or something else? Time as a reference of communication…

The session really triggered my interest, since for me this very theme of communication between the performer and the audience has been occupying me lately. I saw a glimpse of something, which lays between the performer and the audience – a noman’s land, where the projections from both sides meet and resonate. I would like to daydream about it on and on.

In the afternoon, we pick the issue of time from the morning session. and do a 5 minutes impro in small groups. The idea is we have to feel the 5 minutes and finish when we think its time. We try one with music and the other without. For me it was a very good exercise.