7th August 2012, Lima Peru, TUPAC

Arrive in Lima in the evening. 

Although I feel a bit dizzy after a long flight, the city feels good, my gets animated.

I get a warm welcome by Giueseppe, the director of TUPAC and Marisol, the director of DANZA TUPAC.

They told me my 3 day workshop here is already full!

 Apart from the workshop here is what I am going to do during this short residency. We will see how it goes…


TUPAC Residency, Lima, Peru

from 8th August 2012 to 14th August 2012

Yuko Kominami 


one time, one meeting


Site-specific dance performance which happens in one place for one time.

It is a part of my research for “the place where the dance becomes”.

A short dance will be performed in a different place. The duration of the perfromance is only around 15minutes, yet the preparation time can be much longer which includes breathing the place, observing the atomosphere, daydreaming the dance, and meeting people and other creatures.

The process maybe resembles a way of creating a haiku (japnaese short verse) – go for a walk, encounter the place and the moment, contemplate in that universe, and let a very short verses with a window to an universe to emerge.



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