12th August 2012

First thing in the morning on a way back from the laundry, I had a mission…  to eat a good ceviche as a breakfast. It was so good and I finish the whole big portion of ceviche alone. and afterwards i feel sick.

I meet Selma, who participated in my workshop in the studio because she wants to perform with me in the street. I suggest a simple, slow and tasty walk on a bridge for us. She immediately comes up with a narrow pedestrian bridge over a busy motorway in Miraflores. She thinks the contrast between our slow walk and the speedy traffic under would be interesting. Also she used to live next to this bridge so it has some personal meanig for her. It sounds great, so we decided to go for it tomorrow.

3pm, the dancers for the fountain dance gathers. We just rehearse once in a studio just to go through the structure and head for the fountain in the park. Usually the fountain is not going in the afternoon but we arrive there to find them splashing water vigorously! And some also some people waiting to see the dance. The begining was a fresh respirational space and the ending was a warmth of one fallen petal. An epehmeral infinite garden by 6 dancers. And as if it was cued, the fountains stop just after our dance. Both the dancers and the audience were happy.


In the evening I was taken to an old port of Lima and then invited to friends house.

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