16th August 2012, Rio de Janeiro

The exchange residnecy in Rio de Janeiro starts with 14 choreographers who are related to the festival “Les Repérages” Danse à Lille and 8 choreographers from Rio de Janeiro. It is at the Centro Coreografico da cidade do Rio de Janeiro , a huge (5 floors) beautiful building, which is a former brewery, with different studios and rooms to stay on the top floor.



It is the first day and nobody seems to know what is really going to happen. We gather, wait and see. Basic programme seems to be that the morning session from 9am to 1pm is guided by local lecturers or practitioners and the afternoon session from 3pm to 5pm is only among the artists. Today university teacher,Helia Borges comes and talk about the potentiality of contemporary dance drawing Foucault and Deleuze. Regaining vitality by deconstructing the coded body movements and western body-mind separation. The subject is not really new but it’s nice to have an on-hand discussion with other choreographers. It is easy to talk about de-consturction and re-construction, but how do we actually achieve it as a dancer/choreographer, it is an individual and also somehow global never-ending research.

After the talk there was a body awareness movement session by an important figure of dance studies in Rio de Janeiro, Angela Vianna, using a sheet of A4 paper.

In the afternoon in the sharing session among the choreographers, we decide to do 2 hours open improvisation to get to know each other, which turned out to be really nice. It is a very sensible sensitive group of people full of curiosity and openness.

In the evening I went out with the members of French company CFB451, Christian, François and Aurerie. First thing was to take Teleferico up the 400m high Le pain du sucre, which overlooks the complex coast line and the sea, the mountains and the brilling lights of Rio.  The evning ends with the party which Ricardo, dancer choreographer from Rio de Janeiro currently works in Brussels, recommended. The forró party. Forro is a dance which is very fast, techincal and intimate. I was just watching with awe. One man kindly come to teach me how to dance. He does it sooooo slowly but I still step on his feet all over the place. The centre we are staying shuts at midnight we had to leave the place like a bunch of cniderellas … we complain like little kids on the way back.


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