17th August 2012

The morning session is by Ana Vitoria whoes work is influenced by Candomblé religion http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Candombl%C3%A9 and its ritual, using autobiography as a passage. For her the ritual is a healing process where individual memories goes into moleculous movements and becomes collective memories to be forgotten and reconstructed and shared for the person to be reborn. The subject is also one of the core interests in my work. After her talk, she suggests to do a ritual with red strings with all the group. It was difficult to get into the process for me (and I found out it was same for a lot of people as well, maybe because we could nt give enough time to mature each steps of the ritual.) but I have enjoyed the moment of the connection with people.


In the afternoon, we dicuss the experience of the morning and a lot of questions about giving time, respecting or not the static structures and letting organic process unfold…..came up. We decide to do improvisation in 2 groups with the theme of giving time. The sructure is to start with landscapes. Personally I have enjoyed this improvisation a lot although I am still in a cloud when it comes to physical contacts with other dancers. There were some critics later about being concious of the group and respectful to the structure.

In the evening, we go out with Ricardo’s guidance to the Quartier Lapa, where the street is so animated and alive –  live music, stalls, bars, cars venders, people people. We end up in funk-forro club dance on and on, because no midnight curfew tonight…


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