18th August 2012

The day starts with a session with choreographer/Theatre director Regina Miranda. The theme is what and how to communicate by exploring enclosure and mobility and also the bridge between to be crossed. After the discussion we do an exercise including the points:

  1. Personal Boundary
  2. Discover Spatial territory
  3. Movements and words to assert your territory
  4. How can you reach someone, how far you can go without losing the connection

The questions arise : Do you want to assert your space? or you don’t want to? What space? geographical or gestural or something else? Time as a reference of communication…

The session really triggered my interest, since for me this very theme of communication between the performer and the audience has been occupying me lately. I saw a glimpse of something, which lays between the performer and the audience – a noman’s land, where the projections from both sides meet and resonate. I would like to daydream about it on and on.

In the afternoon, we pick the issue of time from the morning session. and do a 5 minutes impro in small groups. The idea is we have to feel the 5 minutes and finish when we think its time. We try one with music and the other without. For me it was a very good exercise.

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