19th August 2012

The day before, we heard that the lecture of today had been hospitalized with a serious heart condition and it was not certain that he would be able to make it. And there he was, Luiz Mendonça, with his beautiful energy, despite his condition he came to meet us. His passion and love towards performance allures us and captures us immediately. How important and how precious to meet a beautiful person who brings you back to where you started and assert what you do and make you fall in love with performing again.

I worked in a group with Daniele, Orin, Shane and Christian. Shane gave us Bharatanatyam arm gestures which says “In this place, we come together.” We start dancing different individually and we end with this time capturing arm movement accompanied by Christian’s singing. It was beautiful.

In the afternoon, we tried to do a whole group improvisation again, but didn’t really work. So the session switched to solo performances – some kind of a personal gift to the group. It was great to see the solos, every each of them really sparkles in their own dance, which is difficult to see when we just improvise in a group. I didn’t do my solo, I felt like the puzzled state when I want to give a gift but don’t know what to give…

In the evening, I meet up with musician, Pane Tone, from Tomás connection. He is a very good musician and constructs his own instruments. He just devised music installation for the big ballet company in Sao Paulo. He told me Brazil is boosting in cultural scenes at the moment. With his guidance, I buy cuica, brazilian instrument, in the Copacabana market. very happy.

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