21st August 2012

The morning is a practical session of media and dance by Marcus Morares. In a small groups we make a dance photos considering:

experimenting different compositions – Symmetry / a-symmetry

– Depth of field

– figure + ground

– proportion

– visual elements- lines, textures, colours etc.

When I actually went on to shooting photos, I completely forgot the former points, just got immersed in fun of taking photos… and here are some I took.

In the afternoon, followed by a short ballet (!) class, we have a session with Teresa Taquechel and her dance company who involves people with and without wheelchairs. They show a extract of their choreographic work in progress, and we learn the element from them to improvise. I learn a movement of a physically disabled female dancer. It consists of intense movement with contraction of so many muscles even for one rolling. I discover new thing and lacking piece in my hollow of body. I enjoy the improvisation, often a limitation makes me free spirited and clear in my dance.


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