Very sunny day! The morning starts with going to the sea and do breathing exercise. Today the sea has many different colours.


 During today’s daily practice, finally a couple of days after the showing, the whole picture of the show very slowly starts emerging… This time it was very difficult for me to step aside and view what I was doing, mainly due to my physical and maybe mental condition. I was really like an insect crawling its way to the light, or darkness, danger or comfort without any reflection.

However, I had a desire to appear and vanish like a dream and not to provoke or give stress to the audience but suggest them an ephemeral image for them to watch in their most possible relaxed state. I am still reflecting if I have approached it accordingly. Maybe it needs more days to clear it out. Anyways, this process will continue over to the next residency in the first week of January in MerschKulturhaus in Luxembourg. I will take this work and cook it very differently during this week. 


The show finished nicely yesterday. and today I give workshop! Matsuzaki san’s parents let us use the tatami room in their house. It is a pleasure to dance on tatami. Very basic butoh exercise for 3 hours. None of the participants have any experience in dance but all are very sensitive and aware of others. Beautiful antenae in the air. I enjoy a lot and they discover nice sensations in their body too.

Later in the Christmas party organised by people from Itoshima, i get to talk to Hirano-san, who participated in my workshop. I was really moved when she told me that today’s workshop was a revelation for her, something new and special heppened to her body and mind. She was really happy to encounter this practice and she wants to go further into this exploration. When I travel around performing and giving workshop, I witness this kind of encounter, people discovering something which enrich their lives or offer some new insights into them, or even touch the core of their lives.

It always feel so special and feels like it was worth coming all the way to Japan just to witness this important encounter. My job is done, Hirano-san wil continue her pathway in her own time and in her way. I have experienced this myself, and also continued in my own way learning from different people and things. This kind of movement keeps on spreading like ripples on water.

Finally, tomorrow is the showing. We are three people here doing residency; 3D animation artist, Felder from Singapore, musician Tomás and me. There will be our performance and the projection of Felder’s work. Today we did the dress rehearsal. and the light dimmer die on me again, this is the second time… I just went to get the new one this morning! I am not exceeding the maximum watt. Anyways,I don’t think they will exchange it again. have to find a solution by tomorrow and we will!

What is it to  leave some open doors for the audience, spaces for sympathetic communication… this is the underlining question throughout my boost programme.

In the evening, there was a barbecue again! we are very spoiled. Same as last time, I ate too much and carried very full stomach home.

Yesterday was a sunny sunday, and the House of Representitive election day. Nothing major has seem to change, the same old story.

Yesterday evening there was a vernissage of the exhibitions of Studio Kura painting classes in a beautiful old merchant house.

Tomás did a small concert. It was really nice atomosphere, people were genuinely interested and a lot of them said they will come to see our showing on 23rd. Nice!

Today it is raining again. I get really overly affected by the weather here. I try to put all the piece together in the Kura.

Matsuzaki san made a flyer for the showing:


I felt like being outside of what I have been doing. It felt too stuffed and getting nowhere inside the space. It takes me whole day to wander wonder around. What is it to dance in this space.

Sometimes desire and haste really blind me from what there is. I don’t have to dance the whole universe… dancing an insect with a missing leg is more than enough. The universe will fill in itself.

An Insect dream. dream-insect.



ダンス 小南ゆう子

音楽 トマス・テヨ






Many objects lay in the kura, insects wriggling around

the wall where they appear and vanish

when, we notice them, they are, already, gone

the antenae of the insects which run inside and outside the kura.

what kind of ephemeral drem do they dream?

Running from here and there, it doesn’t proceed straight forward. The last three days we’ve been working on the structure of the presentation and settling down to rehearse in the kura. We have decided to perform there and we got a big kerosene heater to warm up the place.


The begining – hajimari. starting and stopping and starting again.

In the evening Matsuzaki san’s family offered us delicious bento and chikuzen soup. A happy moment.

8th December

Thinking about eggs, cocoons.





Being moved by some stranger from inside and releasing and receiving something from outside.

And taking in the landscape inside…Image


and inside out.