4th December 2012, Studio Kura, Fukuoka, Japan


2012-12-06 04.39.44


I arrive in Fukuoka, Itojima, Studio Kura.


I get off the train, and instantly silence catches me wraps me up. It is “in the middle of nowhere” as people from the city put it (say, people like me from Tokyo…), a beautiful place with rice fields embraced by mountains and the sea! And it’s freeeeeeezing,( they say the temperature dropped suddenly recently) and especially after India it’s hard. The director and a fine artist, Hirofumi Matsuzaki, welcoms me and shows me the atelier and office and the accomodation house. For dinner he took me to a local ramen shop, I sink into Japanese food. He tells me about studio kura and the big festival they had from the this spring to autumn. It is a really cozy residnecy place and I feel happy. The accomodation is an old abandonned (in a way that it is not lived) family house. I feel a bit scared alone in a house with buddhist altar and old ancester’s photos… but it also feels good to inhabit a place. I take the small room upstairs and make it my home.

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