5th December 2012

The day starts with a bit of an excursion around the place- all the basic stuff; a supermaket, a drug store, the sea, the shrine, the hot spring and restaurants. I meet Nishimura san who gives art classes for kids. And I accompany Matsuzaki san and Alexandro san for an art workshop at a kindergarden. 40 kids in a big gymnasium making “flottage and collage.” They are so concentrated and having fun and making beautiful art pieces. I wish I could give workshop to these kids, I will see.

In the afternoon, I have to choose a place to rehearse. The kura, the old farmers storage place is so beautiful but very cold and has a stone floor maybe suitable for the last performance.

2012-12-06 07.34.32

2012-12-06 07.36.28

The shrine is so special too and huge with tatami floor. I really like it but again really cold and no heating, we try to heat up the traditional charcol bowls in vain….Lastly I settle in another kura which is renovated inside for a painting classes. It is a very small place but at the moment I want to explore a dance in a limited space, like one tatami mat space, so it is good. After the improvisation performance in India, “Ma” – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ma_(negative_space) –  and “surprise” are the things ringing in my mind (and body). Thinking about these things I try to make a dance on one spot… the last dance of the world, alone but with everyone?!

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