6th December

After a storm, a shiny sunny day. But it hasn’t been really a productive day in terms of practice. I get taken by some worries humanly preoccupations. I try to work as “Ma” as interval, as some rest, time for breathe, suspension…. Very human dance.

To clear up my mind, I go for a walk for a bit.

2012-12-06 07.15.20

2012-12-06 07.16.20

2012-12-06 07.24.42

2012-12-06 07.24.54

In the evening Matsuzaki san takes me to rice packing session. Studio Kura is producing products from here and selling to shops with nicely designed packages. The shop we went to sell the product was very pretty designed shop + cafe. Matsuzaki san told me a lot of city people come to live here among them are famous artists. More and more city people get suffocated with city’s rhythm and stress and start looking for something else.

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