The show finished nicely yesterday. and today I give workshop! Matsuzaki san’s parents let us use the tatami room in their house. It is a pleasure to dance on tatami. Very basic butoh exercise for 3 hours. None of the participants have any experience in dance but all are very sensitive and aware of others. Beautiful antenae in the air. I enjoy a lot and they discover nice sensations in their body too.

Later in the Christmas party organised by people from Itoshima, i get to talk to Hirano-san, who participated in my workshop. I was really moved when she told me that today’s workshop was a revelation for her, something new and special heppened to her body and mind. She was really happy to encounter this practice and she wants to go further into this exploration. When I travel around performing and giving workshop, I witness this kind of encounter, people discovering something which enrich their lives or offer some new insights into them, or even touch the core of their lives.

It always feel so special and feels like it was worth coming all the way to Japan just to witness this important encounter. My job is done, Hirano-san wil continue her pathway in her own time and in her way. I have experienced this myself, and also continued in my own way learning from different people and things. This kind of movement keeps on spreading like ripples on water.

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