Very sunny day! The morning starts with going to the sea and do breathing exercise. Today the sea has many different colours.


 During today’s daily practice, finally a couple of days after the showing, the whole picture of the show very slowly starts emerging… This time it was very difficult for me to step aside and view what I was doing, mainly due to my physical and maybe mental condition. I was really like an insect crawling its way to the light, or darkness, danger or comfort without any reflection.

However, I had a desire to appear and vanish like a dream and not to provoke or give stress to the audience but suggest them an ephemeral image for them to watch in their most possible relaxed state. I am still reflecting if I have approached it accordingly. Maybe it needs more days to clear it out. Anyways, this process will continue over to the next residency in the first week of January in MerschKulturhaus in Luxembourg. I will take this work and cook it very differently during this week. 

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