Today was the 4th day of working in the Mierscher Kulturhaus in Miersch, Luxembourg.

The jet-lag after Japan is almost gone. The Fukuoka residency reside in my heart, it is like a Japanese  dried squid, the more I chew on the memory, the tastier even it gets. Thank you again, Matsuzaki-san and his family, Nishimura-san, Nishihara-san and all the people around studio Kura!

It is also very nice to be able to work from the first day of the year in the Mierscher Kulturhaus, in a quiet and refreshing atmosphere. I am working on Yumemushi 2, everything is changing from the Yumemushi in studio Kura. It is interesting to observe the concrete shaping itself towards abstract.



and maybe it can get to

Ophiocordyceps sinensis- 冬虫夏草.

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