Yesterday was the last day and the presentation at MierchKulturhaus – “Yumemushi 2”

The technical team of the kulturhaus – Patrick, Donato and Christiane – had been very supportive and created a very nice lighting during the last 3 days!

What I tried to do in the Kulturhaus was to see how one piece which was created in very concrete space (an old traditional farmers storage house at Studio Kura) adapt itself to an abstract space (a black box in the Miersch Kulturhaus theatre). It was mainly due to my state of mind but the work formed itself with a lot of intuition. I was working like an insect the last 9 days… cutting off all the decorations in the dance. No climbing on the wall, no arm movements, no leg movements…In the end the piece had a total different outlook from the one in Japan. Instead of decorations, I looked for some kind of patience. I was not sure how the audience can share this sphere but the insect inside me was very sure that it has to be done.

I didn’t get to spread the information of this presentation, so It was a nice surprise to see the seats filling up. It is a supporting sympathetic public from Luxembourg, I felt at home. It became a nice and relaxed performance. Afterwards, some people told me they liked the performance, I felt relieved. There was a question about a meaning of some symbolical movement in the piece, since I made it with intuition and not analytical mind, I kind of knew the answer but couldn’t put it into words, which was interesting. I think all will sink in and come into places with time. 

I thank again Mierscher Kulturhaus for a beautiful support always! The next stop is Finland, Oulu. There I plan to start putting all the experience of this one year boost pragramme in different residencies. Let’s see what happens…

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