Yesterday we landed in Oulu, Finland, for the residency at JoJo Dance Centre. The landscape,white and purple, absorbing and echoing, so soft and severe at the same time.

The morning walk to the Valve Culture Centre, where we rehearse and later perform, is a fresh new winter wonderland. All the facilities (the residence, the culture centre, the studio) are nice and cozy, and we are well taken cared of, it feels really comfortable to rehearse.

Today, a videast, Mikko came to shoot video to make a teaser for our final performance. The residency has just started and I am not ready to show anything new, so I showed some bits from what I did in the last Mierscher Kulturhaus residency. They say this teaser will be ready tomorrow to be shown in different sites in the city. So speedy-efficient.

The only worries is that Tomás’s checked-in luggage is still lost; his music instruments, his clothes, and all the necessities. We really really hope that he gets it back soon…


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