i wrote a text for the performance – 

The presenatation is an outcome of nearly 3 weeks residency at JoJo – Oulu Dance Center.


The residency is part of my one year boost programme, which consists of different residencies, in which I aim to explore the place where “a dance”, which causes mutual sympathetic communication,  is materialised. A place here can be defined in a larger sense – It can be a physical space,  a mental sphere, condition, music and sound, a body, weather,  the onlookers’ projections and universes,  an occasion and so forth.  Through different residencies I aim to experiment my dance and choreography in various “places” and take on a journey to discover  where my dance can become, by unlearning the methodology I have to this date to re-construct and re-encounter the place of dance.


Each residency usually accumulates in a new piece, a response to all the expereiences and insights I have obtained through the residency. However, in Oulu, I have made a decision to develop the work

from last residency in Mierscher Kulturhaus in Luxembourg. Somehow this beautiful meditative atomosphere of winter Oulu has guided me to reflect on something I already have. What it is to re-visit and build on a idiosyncratic performance. The piece might develop itself like a city covered with snow. Totally different breath-taking landscape, which is independent of architect’s will or control.

The piece started with an insect’s dream and going towards a reception and acception – a precious thing that visits on a winter’s night.


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