We have been developing some choreographic materials to show on Saturday. There are enough ideas and materials, the process mainly consists of organizing and collaging those materials. Sometimes we agree, sometimes we don’t. But we all seem to have open minds and the show has an open end, so it is a relaxed feeling. Personally, with the almost 6 months pregnancy, I am compromising my way of moving and still trying to find a new way.



The last two days, we had an intensive session with the coach, Christiane. It has been really inspiring and fruitful. It gave us a starting point for us to work together. And also personally, it was very interesting to experience a process of contemporary dance choreography, which is different from what I usually do. It was nice to forget what I have and submerge into someone else’s universe. Nevertheless the reference of another perspective is always there. 

Some questions which comes us inside me: what does a transition mean? what is the difference between the transition and the main parts? a part can also be defined as a passage to something?

Tomorrow we move to the rehearsal room of the theatre, Schwere Reiter, http://www.schwerereiter.de/programm.html