from the programme of the showing of work

from the programme of the showing of work in progress, CLASH – shared choreographic residency, Samstag, 27, April 2013, at schweier reiter, Munich.

——————————————————————————————————————-yuko looking at everything… find a space in the room you like best… stop. repeat. continue… it was not a bomb… freeze… make a surprise… i saw beyonce… an entrance in your body… zlat!… murmur the murmur… find a way up!… yes, he is my “ex”!… think about something peaceful… francis bacon’s river… move like a tissue… rum-cola… dumplings… i only eat chocolate… walk with me… smaller… move with dots… do not show your face… leave the space… evaporate… CLASH!


The presentation went nicely. It was basically presenting the process of our work during 10 days. Until the day before, we were trying to make some kind of a piece to present, which was making us a little bounded. Sabine, choreographer, came to see it and told us that impression. I felt a relief and space of breathing when I heard it. Then we changed completely the form of presenting, maybe keeping some movement materials, but not forcing them into a piece, but emphasizing on how we came to it, and leaving a space for a change and a play. It was actually the most important thing in this first stage of CLASH – how we met, how we clashed, how we negotiated, how we had fun together, how we dealt with differences.

Choreographer, Micha, came to us after the show and said ” when i first heard you 3 guys would work together, I thought it would never work out! but now i see it actually works!” which was a perfect compliment.  

Next CLASH is in one month in Luxembourg. See you!