It’s been a year since the last post. The boost programme has ended and the baby was born!!! a precious girl!

It was already happening in the boost programme but the birth of the baby kind of majorly consolidated it. 

Somehow I’ve been learning how to enjoy, relax, listen and catch the moment when something enters to and be ready for expansion when that happens.

After the baby girl, Aya, came to the world, we have been making a videodance on metamorphosis in forest in Bruxelles, performing under orange trees in Mallorca, creating a site-specific piece with Yumiko Yoshioka in Huaca (Inca-period building, in Lima etc. 

A thought after Huaca experiece (the most recent one), it was really beautiful feeling to dance in this special architecture, my dance formed itself by something similar to tracing time, spiral breathing space which expands inside. And also a question came; why do we want to conserve forms, (constructions and memories) why are we sometimes afraid of losing them?

A changing is to get connected to the other thing by molecule-d materials, like those grain of clay in the Huaca?



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