from the programme of the showing of work

from the programme of the showing of work in progress, CLASH – shared choreographic residency, Samstag, 27, April 2013, at schweier reiter, Munich.

——————————————————————————————————————-yuko looking at everything… find a space in the room you like best… stop. repeat. continue… it was not a bomb… freeze… make a surprise… i saw beyonce… an entrance in your body… zlat!… murmur the murmur… find a way up!… yes, he is my “ex”!… think about something peaceful… francis bacon’s river… move like a tissue… rum-cola… dumplings… i only eat chocolate… walk with me… smaller… move with dots… do not show your face… leave the space… evaporate… CLASH!


The presentation went nicely. It was basically presenting the process of our work during 10 days. Until the day before, we were trying to make some kind of a piece to present, which was making us a little bounded. Sabine, choreographer, came to see it and told us that impression. I felt a relief and space of breathing when I heard it. Then we changed completely the form of presenting, maybe keeping some movement materials, but not forcing them into a piece, but emphasizing on how we came to it, and leaving a space for a change and a play. It was actually the most important thing in this first stage of CLASH – how we met, how we clashed, how we negotiated, how we had fun together, how we dealt with differences.

Choreographer, Micha, came to us after the show and said ” when i first heard you 3 guys would work together, I thought it would never work out! but now i see it actually works!” which was a perfect compliment.  

Next CLASH is in one month in Luxembourg. See you!




We have been developing some choreographic materials to show on Saturday. There are enough ideas and materials, the process mainly consists of organizing and collaging those materials. Sometimes we agree, sometimes we don’t. But we all seem to have open minds and the show has an open end, so it is a relaxed feeling. Personally, with the almost 6 months pregnancy, I am compromising my way of moving and still trying to find a new way.


The last two days, we had an intensive session with the coach, Christiane. It has been really inspiring and fruitful. It gave us a starting point for us to work together. And also personally, it was very interesting to experience a process of contemporary dance choreography, which is different from what I usually do. It was nice to forget what I have and submerge into someone else’s universe. Nevertheless the reference of another perspective is always there. 

Some questions which comes us inside me: what does a transition mean? what is the difference between the transition and the main parts? a part can also be defined as a passage to something?

Tomorrow we move to the rehearsal room of the theatre, Schwere Reiter,

The Oulu Jojo centre residency has ended. I came back to Luxembourg for one night and now I am staying in Nancy, France, to rehearse for another dance piece. I am already missing the pink and blue night light of Finland. But blue sky and spring sunshine here, I appreciate them too.

The last day in Oulu was a crazy one. We perform in the evening and pack our stuff in 15 minuets to run off to the airport just on time to catch the plane. Just before the performance, we found out that we have to be at the airport even earlier than we thought! I was thinking we might miss the flight… In this kind of condition the show started.

There is a hypothetical question often occurs to me –  if I knew that something grave would occur tomorrow, would I be able to keep calm and appreciate the moment I have until then? I don’t think I am really good at this. But maybe when I am dancing it is a bit different from quotidien situation.

How to find the space inbetween those seconds and breathe into it to make it a timeless space. And somehow connote and appreciate the movement and process of destruction!

Oulu gave me a profound fruit for sensing the process.

I am really grateful to everyone who supproted us. So many kindness and gentleness I encountered!

Thank you.

Today there was supposed to be my butoh workshop, but it did not happen. But I met up with Liana and Henna, butoh dancers from here! It was great to get to know them. We will keep in touch! 

The setup day! It goes organically. The piece is forming its shape gradually as well. getting adjusted, erupting, creating a new abode…

Looking forward to tomorrow’s performance.



Today, after the rehearsal in the studio, we could use the theatre for a while, thanks to Ville’s arrangement! It is a very sympathique space. Tomás tried out his sound. We planned the stage setting. Also I tried the lights inside my paper cocoon. Maybe I need to use more light since the theatre doesn’t get a total blackout due to the emergency-exit lights. We will see.

Today thinking about igniting the freshness, like watching an emergence of an imago.